David Archuleta on Idol

February 27, 2008 ยท 1 minute read

As I’ve posted previously, we’re American Idol fans.

Last season, Melinda, a professional backup singer before Idol, was the picture of consistency. Every night she belted out a perfect song, and I personally think she should have won. However, every night you’d usually see someone else put on a performance that was an equal or near equal of hers… but the person who did so was different every night.

This year, we’ve seen the same thing from David Archuleta, a cute, humble little kid who just oozes natural charisma. Every song I’ve seen him perform has been astoundingly good… and in most cases, better than the original version. However, in contrast to last season, this guy’s got no real competition. No one else is coming close. He’s been the clear best on every night.

Here’s his latest performance of John Lennon’s Imagine. I don’t like the fact that he didn’t sing the first couple of verses, and instead started on the "no possessions" third verse instead of the "no heaven/hell" first verse and "no countries/religion" second verse.

However, it’s a great tactical move – no need to piss off the religious folks out there.

And he sang it beautifully.