Tyrol Basin Belt Sander Races

March 11, 2008 · One minute read

For as long as I’ve been snowboarding there, Tyrol Basin has an annual belt sander race in the bar (the bar itself being among the best at any ski hill anywhere) near the end of the season. This year’s was yesterday, March 9, 2008.

Josh, the bartender, is always one of the favorites to win, but I understand he was unseated last year by one of the regulars, “Big”. Alas (for Big), his entrant, the only one to ever do a sub 2 second run, didn’t hold up this year, and Josh regained his crown.

The final was between Josh’s two tread sander and one from his brother… I think. I didn’t get all the details, and was involved in too much drinking for a Sunday afternoon for all of the details to be clear.

I did shoot a little video.