Uncle John

Yay! I’m an uncle!

My little baby sister, Jenny (with a little help from her husband, Bryan), just had a little baby girl, Lila Wray Stewart Elliott.

Click the picture to go to the photo album (hastily put up; we’re just back from the hospital). I’m sure more pictures are to come.

(Edit 10/10 8pm – just added some more to the gallery from the parents and a couple of more shots from tonight)

And here is some video of all of us at the hospital being introduced to the newest member of the family.


1 thought on “Uncle John”

  1. Just watching the video…what a happy Stewart (Elliott) family!!! Can’t wait to meet the little brunette cutie. Congrats Stewarts!!! Way to go Jenny. I heard you were a trooper. Lila (or Lyla?) is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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