Game of the Year

October 3, 2007 · One minute read

Mark my words, this damn game is going to win Multiplayer Game of the Year from all sorts of places.

The balance is well done, but they’re still tweaking (an update ago or so, the pyro’s damage got buffed up a bit, for example).

My new rig with an ATI Radeon x1950 works swimmingly with TF2, and I finally get more than 10fps.

One of the best things about this game is the learning curve. Nine different classes makes the game complex, but each class is pretty simple… only a couple of weapons, and you don’t need to memorize a bunch of new keys. Noobs will be able to get right in and not feel as intimidated as, say, someone walking into a Counter-Strike server for the first time (BAM! Dead.).

Big thumbs up.

I’ll be starting a server soon. Look out for “Dr Him’s Laboratory TF2 Experiment” in your game browser.

Here’s a good interview with two of the TF2 team from Valve.

And here is a guide to the classes.

Frag you later.