MPT Results: July 21, 2006

July 22, 2006 · 2 minutes read

It was a $30 on Friday with 9 players, beginning at 8:30pm.

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9:05 Hot damn! I looked down to aces and thought things were looking up. Jane raised me in early position, so I re-raised her and got a caller in Lee behind me. She raised me back, I pushed, Lee called, and Jane called. Holy crap; I was going to triple up!

I showed my AsAh.
Jane showed KdKs.
Lee showed KhAc.

With one of the kings gone, Jane’s only out was pretty much down to the case king. Lee had little hope. 84% – 11% – 4% were the percentages.

Dammned if the flop didn’t come TsJcKc, and with a turn and river of 8c Js, I had my aces cracked for the third time in two weeks. After the hand, I still had a stack at 810, Jane had 4500, and Lee (formerly the big stack) had about 1000.

9:43 Lee busted to Ron.

9:44 I pushed with KdTd, and Dan called me with QcQd; I was done.

10:03 Mike to Andrew.

10:34 Jane to Matt

11:09 Ben to Matt

11:11 Ron with KdTd (my death hand, too) busted to Andrew’s Ac9h.
11:13** Andrew with KsQd busted to Matt’s AhQc, but he took home $55 for 3rd place.
11:18** Dan had about 3500 and Matt 4700 in chips.

11:26 Dan with AsQd doubled through Matt’s QcTh. Dan had 8400 and Matt 9800 after the hand.

11:37 Dan won a big pot with pocket queens.
11:38** Matt busted out to Dan.

Matt took home $80 for 2nd, and Dan took 1st for $135

1st ($135) DanH
2nd ($80) MattS
3rd ($55) AndrewG