MPT Results: July 15, 2006

July 16, 2006 · 2 minutes read

It was another $20 turbo game to start… and it was fast. Starting at 6pm:

Full Roster 6pm Turbo $20

6:29 Dan with 425 left pushes with KcTh. I called him with AhAd.

The board came 2h5cAc, giving me trips. A 7c came on the turn, giving Dan the flush draw. Unbelievably, a 9c came on the river.. Dan cracked my aces!

Preflop, odds were 86% – 14% for me. On the flop, it got better for me… 93% – 5%… but then it went rapidly downhill.
6:31** Tom to Ann
6:36** John and Dan to Jane
6:48** Jane and Ann with similar stacks chopped the pot ($50 each) so we could play a cash game.

1st/2nd ($50) AnnD
1st/2nd ($50) JaneS

Then at 8pm we started the main game with the usualy blind schedule.

Full Roster 8pm Main $20
8:58** ChadM to Jason

9:45 Jane to Ann

10:05 ChadH to Dan
10:24** With AsAd, I raised it up preflop, getting one caller in Ann.

A flop of 7h5c8h and I decided to get as much of my 1200 remaining in the pot; I bet 600. Ann called.

A turn of Js and I pushed for the rest, and Ann called, showing down Jc 9s. She had hit top pair, but was still in a world of hurt. Only the two jacks and the three nines could help her.

However, the river came 9c, and my aces were cracked for the second time of the evening.

10:30 Tony with A2 pushed and got a call from the big stack (Ann) with A7… Tony was gone.

10:32 Dan with 4c4h lost out to Ann’s Qc8d.

10:50 Ben busted to Ann but took 3rd place for $35

10:53 Jason busted out to Ann, taking home $60. Ann was our big winner with  $85 (in addition to her first game winnings!) Congratulations!

1st ($85) AnnD
2nd ($60) JohnS
3rd ($35) ChadM