MPT Results: July 28, 2006

July 29, 2006 · 2 minutes read

Back to a $20 buyin this week, and aces hold up for a change (why can’t they do that when we’re playing higher stakes?). Play started at the usual 7pm.

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7:43 Lee busted out to Dan.

9:07 Adam reraised me all-in, and after mulling it over, I called him with JJ. He showed 77 and my jacks held up. He was done.
9:28** Nate and Jane busted to Chris.

9:31 Matt to Chris.
9:37** Elvis (JonE) with JK busted to Chris’ KK.

9:45 Dan pushed with his remaining 825 and AsTs. I called him with TcTh; not looking good for Dan!

The flop, however, came Ah7c7s, and suddenly his two pair were beating mine. But a turn Td gave me a boat, and a 2s on the river could not help Dan; he was done.
10:24** Chris to Dusty. Chris took third and $40.
10:23** In the first heads-up hand, Dusty raised the pot a bit, and I looked down to KsJs and pushed. He called with Ad5c.

The flop came Jh6d2s and suddenly it was looking up for me. The turn came 3s, with my jacks still in the lead.

The river was Ah and I was busted. He had me covered by a little bit, so the game was over.

1st ($100) DustyW
2nd ($60) JohnS
3rd ($40) ChrisB