MPT Results: June 2, 2006

June 3, 2006 · 2 minutes read

Back down to $20, no rebuy, this week. Once again a couple of new faces.

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7:53 Greg bet out 400 on a flop. Jane hemmed and hawed for a while, then decided to push for just over 400 more. Greg showed trip queens, and Jane a flush draw. The flush didn’t come and Jane took an uncharacteristic early exit.

8:27 Josh busted out to Dan.
8:29** Adam was happy to get all his chips in the middle with QQ, but wasn’t so happy to get called by Greg’s KK. The flop came 779, the turn an A, and the river K tripping up Greg’s already winning kings. Adam was out.

8:56 Dan busted out to Matt.

9:16 With blinds at 75/150, Greg bet out 300 preflop. Matt pushed. Greg, frustrated with Matt’s big stack aggression, called with A6. Matt showed down A9 and it would soon be curtains for Greg, busting out on the bubble in 4th.
9:24** Ben busted out to me, but went home with 3rd place and $30. I was then heads up against Matt, who had about a 3-1 chip lead.

9:43 I had managed to take the chip lead by a small margin, and with blinds at 200/400, Matt pushed. I looked down to AT and called. To my chagrin, Matt showed down AJ. I was soon down to a tiny stack.

9:51 Matt had gone all-in, and I looked down to JJ and called, doubling up to his relative trash. The next hand, I looked down again to JJ and pushed, and he called with KQ. The jacks held up and I was very much back in the hunt.

9:53 With Matt down to 1700 in chips, he pushed with Qs7h; I called with Ah7c. The board came TcAd4d 7d Ts, and my cards held up. Matt took 2nd and $50; a repeat in the money from last week. I took down $80 and ended a long dry spell.

1st ($80) JohnS
2nd ($50) MattS
3rd ($30) BenA