MPT Results: May 26, 2006

May 27, 2006 · 4 minutes read

I tinkered with the buyins this week and tried out a new format… $20 with unlimited rebuys. It definitely changed the game for the wilder!

Full Roster

Almost half of the full table was comprised of new players.

7:40 Derek to Jane, and he bought back in.

7:50 TomM to MattS, and he called it quits.

8:16 Paul pushed, and I looked down to pocket 4’s. It was almost my entire stack, and an easy laydown in a normal situation. But I felt like getting my gamble on, and called. He showed 9’s, and I was crippled.
8:18** MattH to Paul, and he bought back in. It was up to $260 in the prize pool.

8:22 Robert pushed, Tony called. Rob showed TT, and Tony AK. It was a race… the flop came J5T, Rob with a set and Tony’s outs mostly coming in the form of an inside straight. The turn of 6 didn’t do it, and a river T gave Rob the quads and sent Tony packing. Tony also decided to call it a night.

8:30 With a puny stack, I pushed in the big blind with 9s4s, thinking I’d hopefully have 2 live cards. However, MattH had AA and MattH had TT.  MattH ended up sucking out against the aces (and obviously my 94). I rebought, but MattH still had chips.

8:55 With the blinds up to 50/100, and my stack not much more than the starting stack of 2000, Paul raised it to 400. I looked down at KQ, and with 5 minutes left to rebuy, I pushed, figuring on picking up the pot. However, MattS called with AK and I was rebuying again, now stuck for $60. Whose idea was this unlimited rebuy crap? =)

9:00 The absolute last hand on which anyone could rebuy. Jane in early position made it 400. I looked down at A9s. An easy fold in most situations, I hemmed and hawed. Did I want to toss away a big chunk of my stack calling with a mediocre ace, with a bunch of people left to act behind me? It was the last hand in which I could still continue playing, no matter what the outcome, and I was the short stack with just over 2000. I respected Jane’s raise and folded. Three callers came behind me.

The flop will be in my nightmares for a long time… AA9. No action, though, on the flop, so I didn’t feel too bad.

Then a blank on the turn caused Robert to fire away with 500. Paul pushed. I stopped writing down what happened after that because I couldn’t see straight at that point, thinking about what could have been.

9:35 With blinds up to 100/200, Robert made it 825, the fashionable raise at the time. Jane pushed with her stack of 2800 or so. Rob called. Jane showed QTs and Rob AQs, not looking good for Jane.

The flop came T32, however, with Jane in the lead with tens. A turn of A and a river 8 sealed her fate, however. She was done.

8:46 MattH got all in with JT versus MattS’ 44. A flop of T3A gave MattH top pair. A 4 came on the turn, though, giving MattS a set. A river T gave MattH trips, but boated up MattS, and MattH was done.

9:50 Derek got all-in with AQ versus MattS’ K7. The king hit with no ace, and Derek was out.

9:59 Ron doubled through MattS

10:02 MattS got all-in with his 3500 remaining on AT, and got a caller in Ron with 77. Flop of 66J, the 7’s holding up… then a turn Q… and finally a river T and Ron would shift a chunk of change MattS’ way.

10:08 With blinds up to 150/300, and the cards just not coming my way, I finally looked down to a decent hand in AJo. I pushed with 2300, and after thinking a while, Ron called me with 89s (and a big stack). He hit his card and I was out of it.

10:31 Ron got all in with AJs to Rob’s TT. The tens held up and Ron was out in 4th. The rest would be in the money.

10:44 MattS busted out to Paul, but went away with $60.

10:58 Rob took ouit Paul for the win.

1st ($150) PaulG
2nd ($90) RobertR
3rd ($60) MattS