MPT Results: June 9, 2006

June 10, 2006 · 2 minutes read

The usual $20 no rebuy again this week.
Full Roster**

Here’s another timelapse movie of the game; click the image to play.

8:03 Josh quadrupled up from the small stack. An hour in, he’d had 3 full houses, 2 sets, and a flush.
8:25** Chris busts to Ben.

8:36 Ron to Josh.

9:24 Jane to Ben.

9:29 Josh to Dusty.

9:46 With my stack dwindling and the blinds getting to a painful 125/250, I pushed with 9To. Brett called from the BB with AQs and knocked me out.

9:48 The next hand, Brett pushed on a flop of AAJ. Ben tanked for a while but finally called with A6. Brett had bupkis in 95, and Brett was done.

10:05 Dan and Scott were the small stacks with about 2000 each. Ben and Dusty shared the spoils with about 8000 each.

10:07 Dan pushed with his 2000 and AJo. Dusty called with ATo. The flop didn’t help out Dusty and Dan doubled through.

10:31 Scott 6000, Dan 3900, Ben 5500, Dusty 4300.

10:39 Dan sucks out all-in with QT versus Ben’s AJ and doubles up.

11:04 Dusty got all-in with J7o versus Ben’s ATo, and busted out. The rest were in the money.

11:06 Ben 6500, Scott 7200, Dan 6300.

11:09 Dan busted out to Scott.

11:12 Ben all-in on the button. Scott called with 99. Ben showed J9s, and Scott took him out.

1st ($100) ScottR
2nd ($60) BenA
3rd ($40) DanH