Our Italy Plan

April 17, 2006 · 2 minutes read

Susanna and I are definitely going to be in Carmignano (near Florence, in Tuscany) for a week, at this villa.

We definitely plan to spend some extra time in Italy before we get to the villa, and rent a motorcycle.

We just spent the weekend mapping out possibilities, and here’s our current itinerary. There are some long days on the bike, and we need to make sure these are reasonable choices. We’re willing to have some long days on the bike, especially when bookended with light days. Plus, we will have a week in Tuscany with no riding (unless we want to). Going to be quite a whirlwhind when we’re not at the villa, though.

We pick up the bike in Milan, and then head north, stay a night in Varenna on Lake Como. We head north through the mountains to Glorenza (Glurns). From there to Castelotto for a couple of nights. From there we take the mountain road down into Venice (one of our long days).

That is our first leg, and here’s the map: Milan to Venice.

After three nights in Venice, we head to Rome, with one stop on the way (two long days both) in Assisi: Venice to Rome.

Then we take the slow route back along the coast towards Tuscany, with a stop in Grosetto (we know nothing yet about this place other than it’s next the Parco Naturale dell Maremma.

From there, we head up to our villa near Florence, spend a week, then head to Milan and home.

Here’s the overview map with directions plotted: Milan to Milan.

Are we crazy?