MPT Results: April 15, 2006

April 16, 2006 · 2 minutes read

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** JohnS

The game got under way at 9pm with six players.
11:07** With blinds up to 75/150, Nick doubled the blind to 300. Mark with a short stack of 550 pushed. Everyone else got out of the way, and Nick called. Mark showed pocket pair, 7d7c, and Nick showed 5dKd…. it looked like Mark would double up.

The cards came 2hThAc on the flop, with Mark’s sevens holding up. A turn of Jd gave Nick a longshot straight draw (cue Brett’s grumbling about Nick’s river catches)… and a river of Qd gave Nick the suckout and took out our first player.

Over two hours for the first to drop may be an MSOP record!

11:22 Jane doubled to 300, and I looked down at AdJd and pushed for 1375 more. Jane went into the tank for a while, but called with ladies, QcQh.

With a board of 9hKhTd 6c 5c, I was second out.

12:08 Jane frittered away my money to Brett in a big pot, and was getting short on cash with 600 left. Under the gun, she pushed and Brett, the big stack, called.

Jane showed Ah9s and Brett Jc5c. After a flop of 6h2c4h and a turn of Ts, Jane’s ace was holding up…

…but Brett rivered a straight with 3c and sent Jane packing.

12:18 With a flop of 5h3cJd, Chad got all-in on the flop with bottom pair, Ac3d versus Nick’s top pair, JsTh. A turn of Ts and a river of Kd sealed Chad’s fate.

It was down to Nick versus Brett.

12:23 With blinds up to 300/600, Nick made the preflop bet 1500 and Brett called. On the flop of 9d8sTc, Nick pushed with Ac9c, and Brett called him down with Ad6s.

It was looking good for Nick to double up against Brett’s monster stack, but a turn of 7h gave Brett the straight, and making the river of 3h meaningless.

Brett took down the win for $80, with Nickles in second for $40.

1st ($80) Brett
2nd ($40) Nickles