Town of Stewart

April 3, 2006 · 2 minutes read

From a friend at work:

I stumbled across this Town of York history on the web and thought you could appreciate it.  The Town of York is a rural area just west of New Glarus.  Some dude named John Stewart settled the Town of Stewart in 1838.  Perhaps this guy was a distant relative of yours?  They changed the name to Postville some time later, which it is still called.  Perhaps I’m showing my history geek side, but I think this stuff is cool.  Imagine riding into town on your horse and naming a city after yourself.  Those days are long gone, unfortunately.  Enjoy.

Who were some of the first settlers?  In 1838 John Stewart settled in the area that is now called Postville but was formerly named Stewart.  Other early settlers in York were William C. Green, Amos Conkey, Albert Green, Albro and William Crowel, and Ezra Wescott.  Records from History of Green County, Wisconsin published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Illinois, 1884 reflect that Harriet Peebles, the two-year-old daughter of Philander and Hannah Peebles, was the first death, on January 1, 1843.  Philander Peebles was one of the early town chairmen (see “Town Board” on the website menu).  Adeline Stewart, the wife of first settler John, died September 5, 1844 and is buried on the old John Stewart farm.   Many of the pioneers are buried in one of the cemeteries in the town: York Prairie Cemetery (section 23), Old York Cemetery and York Memorial Cemetery (section 5) or the Ula Cemetery (section 17).  How many others are lying in unmarked graves on the farmsteads, or in neighboring towns?