Gross or Not?

April 3, 2006 · One minute read

In August of 2004, two friends and I trekked from Madison, WI to Coventry, VT for the final Phish concerts.

Along with hordes of dirty hippies came a deluge of rain. We managed to get in early, but this was a mixed blessing because we’d be among the last to be able to leave.

As soon as the last show ended, all the roads immediately became clogged with traffic. We could do nothing but wait.

Well, if cars couldn’t get out, that meant the shit trucks couldn’t get in…

…and that meant a lot of really fucking sick porta-potties.

August heat.
A hundred thousand hippies.
A few dozen shitters.

I have said since then I would present the gross to the world, and now I finally present it to you. Based on the code used on “”, you can now rate the relative sickness of each picture.

I still need to hack together a page showing the top (bottom?) ratings, but click below to see what I’ve got.

Not wise to view right before a meal, I think. The world can finally know which was the grossest shitter that day… click the link below to find out!

 Gross or Not?