MPT Results: April 7, 2006

April 8, 2006 · One minute read

**Full Roster
** JohnS

8:53 Finally after almost two hours, the first player went out. With blinds up to 50/100, I raised on the button with 5h5c to 300. Aaron in the small blind pushed his small stack for an additional 250. I called, and he turned over AsQs. My presto held up and sent Aaron packing.

9:20 Manus busted to Jane.

9:30 Scott with JJ busted to Jane’s pocket rockets!

10:27 With blinds up to 300/600, I looked down at AQs and doubled the big blind; Jane pushed. After going to the tank for a while, I called. Jane showed ATo, and didn’t get her ten.

10:35(?) Soon thereafter, I busted out Chad.

1st ($80) John
2nd ($40) Chad