Your Religion is Bullshit

April 2, 2006 · One minute read

Finally, someone has the chutzpah/balls/fortitude to call it like it is. Stop beating around the bush… science and religion do NOT mix.

Religion is bullshit.

Faith is evil. An Oxford professor named Richard Dawkins created a documentary, Root of All Evil?, which aired on the BBC this January.

Faith is the belief in something without evidence (or even with evidence to the contrary).

Nearly every religion makes faith one of the highest virtues.

Faith is the root of so much evil man does on this planet.

In science, there is no faith except in the fact that you know you do NOT know it all yet. Every idea is open to refinement. There is no dogma that cannot be set aside when new evidence appears to contradict it.

It’s two episodes clocking in at 45 minutes each. I made up a DVD (NTSC) of it, and am seeding the torrent of the .ISO. Whether you are pious or atheist, you should check it out:

Edit: Took down torrent. My damn homebrew tracker crashed. Search for the files on any torrent tracker. Contact me and I’ll be glad to send you a DVD.