When we adopted Marley four years ago, we had her fixed… and she promptly ripped her stitches out (which resulted quite a trip to the vet), and then subsequently had to wear an elizabethan collar. This device, while not a bother to many dogs, caused her to freeze completely in place as if controlled by a mysterious force. She could be left in a room with it on, and would stand in place for extended periods of time, totally still except her head would slowly sink from the force of gravity.

She had her teeth cleaned this past Friday, and had a couple of lumps taken off since they had to use a general anesthetic anyway… which meant more stiches in a Marley-accessible spot. By midmorning Saturday she had managed to slink out of our watch and once again rip out her stitches.

Another emergency trip to the vet later, she’s back with her e-collar. The poor thing is so miserable with it on, but she can’t be trusted.

I came home from work today, and she was so excited to see me, but unable to overcome the power of the e-collar to move. So cute and pathetic at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Cutethetic”

  1. Well, she got worse before she got better.

    Two weeks later, while we were out of town, she ripped the staples out! Ouch… another $250 trip to the emergency vet (it was a Sunday, of course).

    Then, this is the stupidest one, a week later we ran some errands with her, and just spaced about her stitches while we went into Menard’s. We came out and she was happily sitting in the back seat with a gaping wound. We were SO pissed at ourselves over that one.

    That time, we took her in (to a 3rd vet) and they said she was healed up underneath enough where it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to stitch it up. So we just washed it out once in a while and now it’s all pretty much healed up. Last night was her first without the e-collar on.

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