MSOP Results: January 14, 2005

January 15, 2005 ยท 1 minute read

The second night of our inagural event brought nine more players to battle it out, including two new players, Ian Calame and Michael Harmelink.

1st: $90
2nd: $55
3rd: $35

Play by Play

I was the minuteman this time, dropping before the first hour was up.

Ian, the new guy, was mixing it up 3-way with Greg and Elvis. When Elvis knocked out Greg, and the chips relatively equal, Ian and Elvis agreed to chop the pot so we all could play a second game.

The chop was of $145. Since Ian had the bigger stack, he took the extra $5 (although in the standings it assumes an equal chop for technical reasons).

1st/2nd ($75 and $70): Ian and Elvis
3rd ($35): Greg (9:39)
4th: Nick (9:24)
5th: Amanda (8:34)
6th: Michael (8:27)
7th: ChadH (8:03)
8th: Herb (7:49)
9th: John (6:50)