MSOP Results: December 20, 2004

December 21, 2004 ยท 1 minute read

Nine players came together on the second day of the MSOP final pair of tournaments. Fully one third of them were newbies to the MSOP tour: Joe Werwie, Dean Cheney, and Tonya Hess.

1st: $90
2nd: $55
3rd: $35

Play by Play

Sorry, no photos, and I didn’t get any hand details (I’m getting lazy).

Dan and Dean took turns eliminating players and ended up heads-up. Dean was able to take out the MSOP veteran and take, on his first night, his first MSOP win!

Congratulations to Dean and Dan, and thank you to all of the new players!

1st ($90): Dean
2nd ($55): Dan (8:43)
3rd ($35): John (8:34)
4th: Joe (8:28)
5th: Chad (8:25)
6th: Nick (8:22)
7th: Tonya (7:53)
8th: Aaron (7:44)
9th: Herb (7:25)

Final 2004 Standings