MSOP Results: November 20, 2004

November 21, 2004 ยท 4 minute read

20th brought a smaller crowd than the previous record-setting event and also a new experiment in how we’ll handle the tables.

We had a high roller table with the usual $20 buyin, plus a low roller table with a $5 buyin for those who wanted to take the game less seriously.

Play began at 6pm with two new players to the MSOP tour, Amanda Jones playing on the low roller table, and Jane Schneider playing on the high roller table.

We had six low rollers and seven high rollers when it was time to play, fighting over the following prize fund:

Low Rollers ($5 buyin)
1st: $20
2nd: $10

High Rollers ($20 buyin)
1st: $70
2nd: $45
3rd: $25

Let’s shuffle up and deal!

Play by Play

At 6:52 on the small table, they had built a sizeable pot and Suz went all-in on the river. Heather called.

With the board showing ,

Heather laid down ,

but Suz had , giving her the absolute nuts, doubling her up, and leaving Heather severely wounded.

With a small table, it didn’t take long for the action to get going. At 6:57 Elvis and Kitten built up a pot of over 3000. On the turn, Kit went all-in and Jon called.

The board was .

Kit showed bullets, .

Elvis laid down , and was drawing dead. The river came and Elvis was out of the building.

At 7:26, with pocket fives, I hit a set on the flop, and slowplayed it to Dan. I kept calling his bets and then on the river a scary straight showed on the board. I called Dan’s all-in and he had the straight. He was doubled up and I was left with only 170.

At 7:44, Chris busted out to Nick.

At 7:55, I busted out to Nick as well. There were four left on the big table.

At 8:15, Kit was all-in on the river with a call from Jane.

The board showed .

Kitten laid down , but Jane had him covered with .

Kit was out and three players were left on the big table, all of them in the money.

Steph and Heather busted out on the small table sometime before 8:30, leaving four of them battling over the two spots that paid out.

At 9:25, with a pot of 500, the flop came .

Nick went all-in with his remaining 1200. Jane called.

Nick showed , giving him an open-ended straight draw.

Jane laid down , her high card holding up for the time being.

The turn came , pairing Nick up and turning Jane’s hand into the underdog.

The river came , giving Jane her aces, but giving Nick his straight. He was doubled up and back in the hunt.

Nick busted out to Dan not long after, giving him $25. Jane and Dan went heads-up to battle over the remaining $115 in the kitty, with Dan having a sizeable lead over the MSOP rookie.

Five minutes later at 9:30, Chad busted out to Heidi on the small table, leaving Susanna, Amanda, and Heidi battling it out for the money spots.

Amanda busted out sometime between 9:30 and 10, leaving Heidi and Suz heads-up.

Finally at 10:05, Suz knocked out Heidi. Heidi went home with $10, and Suz won $20, her first MSOP victory!

At around the same time on the big table, the battle between Jane and Dan left them even in the chips.

Over an hour later, at 11:16, Dan and Jane were all-in preflop.

Dan showed .

Jane showed , about a 2-1 underdog to Dan’s overcards.

The flop came , pairing up Jane. Dan needed help.

The turn came , putting the nail in Dan’s coffin.

The river was , leaving Dan the second place prize of $45, and giving the first place prize of $70 to our newcomer, Jane!

Congratulations to Suz, Heidi, Jane, Dan, and Nick, and thank you to all who played!


Half Sawbuck ($5)
1st ($20): Suz
2nd ($10): Heidi (10:05)
3rd: Amanda (?)
4th: Chad (9:32)
5th: Heather (8:27)
6th: Steph (?)

Double Sawbuck ($20)
1st ($70): Jane
2nd ($45): Dan (11:16)
3rd ($25): Nick (9:36)
4th: Kit (8:18)
5th: John (7:55)
6th: Chris (7:44)
7th: Elvis (6:57)