MSOP Results: September 24, 2004

September 25, 2004 ยท 10 minute read

The night of September 24th brought together a field of twelve to fight for the record setting prize fund of $280. When all the registrations were in, there were eight veterans of the tour along with an impressive total of four new players.

Another record was set in that all of the veteran players were previous money winners. Along with previous champs Nickles Stanton, Terminator Todd, Disco Stew, and Ann Any Two Will Do, were Chris Army, Hot Rod, The Bride, and Yul Brenner.

Doing battle on the MSOP tour for the first time were Eric Burnham, Alyssa Kenney, Adam "The Kid" Bodette, and Sara Booth.

With the second largest attendance in MSOP history, the field was split, with six playing on the newly upgraded main table, and six playing in the back room on a slightly lower grade table (a bedsheet over a sheet of concrete board).

With two rebuys later in the evening, the prize pool was bumped up to record levels. Along with record money, record number of money winners, and record number of newbies, the play was always interesting. There were enough wild raises, crazy calls, and bad beats to satisfy any lunatic, and at 6:30 it was time to deal.

1st: $140
2nd: $70
3rd: $40
4th: $30

Let’s shuffle up and deal!

Play by Play

Word from those who were lucky enough to be playing on the main table was that the game was intense and quiet.

However, in the back room it didn’t take a long time for the players to start mixing things up.

At 6:56, with a board of , Eric bet 50.

Tim raised over him for 500. Eric called.

Eric showed , for the flush.

Tim laid down , with the nut flush, putting him in an early chip lead.

At 7:11, with a board of , Eric bet 400.

Chris went over the top with an all-in reraise.

Eric called.

Chris laid down , kings full of sevens.

Eric, however, laid down , his pocket rockets giving him aces full of kings!

His small stack was now double in size, and Chris was left seriously wounded with only 3-400.

The battle between Chris and Eric did not stop. Only a few minutes later they got into it again.

The flop was .

Eric bet 25.

Chris went all-in for his remaining 280 in chips and Eric called.

Eric showed .

He was dominated by Chris’ hand of , giving him a set and with Eric needing running cards to put anything together.

The turn came , giving Eric a hope.

However, the river drew a blank for Eric, with a doubling Chris up to about 600 and giving him a new lease on life.

Finally, the geriatrics started to mix things up back on the main table. At 7:52, Suz bet 100 preflop, and got a raise from Sara to 300.

Susanna reraised again to 500. Sara called.

A flop of brought a bet from Susanna and a call from Sara.

A turn of brought a 500 bet from Suz and another call.

The river brought a and yet another 500 bet from Suz, and a call from Sara.

Susanna laid down the pocket rockets, . She’d made a set of aces on the flop.

Sara laid down , her inside straight hitting on the river.

At 7:59, Suz went all in preflop and got a call from Rod.

She showed .

Rod showed .

The cards came for Rod, though. He made a full house with sevens full of kings, and picked up the pot of around 2200.

Suz bought in for another $20 and was back in the game with a fresh stack of 2000.

Soon thereafter in a slightly controvertial decision, we let Ann rebuy after being knocked out at 8:04. There were still twelve players left, but with the purse now $40 fatter.

The bloodletting did not slow. At 8:05, Nick went all-in and got two callers.

Nick showed . Rod showed .

Alyssa showed .

Nick would have been a 2-1 favorite heads-up against the other ace, but with Alyssa in the pot as well, the odds were Nick 35% vs Rod 21% vs Alyssa 26%. (Note – the suits were not recorded in the notes, so these are only rough estimates.)

A flop brought up a for Rod, and nothing to help Nickles or Alyssa out came on the turn or river.

Nick and Alyssa were both out and Rod was beginning a repeat performance from his monstrous termination run two weeks earlier.

The field had quickly thinned to ten and it was time to combine tables.

Once the players settled into their new seats, it didn’t take long before play got heated once more, at 8:23.

With the blind at 35, Chris raised preflop to 100.

Adam threw in a purple chip for 500.

Chris reraised all-in (for a total of 510).

Eric, not to be left out of the fireworks, also called.

The flop came . All the royalty thinned their blood… Eric checked and Adam checked. Chris could only sit idly by as he was already fully committed to the pot, in a literal sense.

A turn of brought two more checks.

A river of brought another check from Eric. Adam bet 500 into the pot, and Eric quickly got out of the way.

Chris showed his pocket pair, .

Adam had the higher pocket pair, however, and showed .

Chris was out for the night and Adam had tasted first blood on the MSOP tour. The field was down to nine.

At 8:38, I bet 300 preflop. Adam raised it to 500. I called, Ann called, and Eric called. Suddenly there were four of us playing for a pot of 2000.

The flop came .

I got out of the way soon after the betting started, and so did Ann.

The turn and river came .

Eric went all-in and got a call from Adam.

Eric showed .

Adam had his set of twos again, showing .

Eric was out and the field was down to eight.

At 8:49, Todd and I limped into a pot.

The flop came . Todd bet 400.

I raised him all-in for my remaining 1130. He called.

I showed , with top pair.

He had the aces, though, showing .

With only a king to save me, the turn came . I had another out… another diamond would give the board a flush and split the pot!

However, the river came . I was out, and the field was down to seven players. The money was starting to get closer.

At 8:58 with a board of , Rod bet 1000. Adam called.

Rod showed , with only a pair of fives.

Adam showed , his tens eeking out the pot.

At 9:04, with the big blind up to 120, Todd bet 500 preflop. Ann called.

With a flop of , Todd went all in.

Ann called and laid down cowboys, .

Todd showed his pocket pair, . He needed a two, or two running cards to make a straight or some other set.

The turn came and the river . Ann doubled up, and Todd took a big blow.

At 9:08, Tod, Tim, Adam, and Ann built up a huge pot of 3500.

With a board of , Rod went all-in for his remaining 2410.

Tim and Adam folded, but Ann called.

Tim showed .

Ann showed the killer set of twos, .

Ann was now riding a huge stack and Rod was left with only 355.

At 9:19, with 1050 in the pot between Tim and Adam, and a board of
, Tim went all-in with his remaining 3015. Adam called.

Adam showed with the set of eights once again.

Tim showed , also with the eights but with a pair of fours, giving him eights full of fours.

The river came and Tim was doubled up at Adam’s expense. (Note: Astute readers will note that this should have been a split pot, with eights full of kings for both. It is likely a mistake was made when noting the hand, as this is the information that was recorded. Either it actually was a split pot, or I recorded the cards incorrectly.)

At 9:26, the board showed , Tim went all-in and got a caller from Rod.

Tim showed , with the set of eights again!

Rod showed , with the same set but with a lower kicker. He would need some help to survive.

The river came , leaving Rod out of luck.

The field was now down to six, and the remaining players, Suz, Sara, Adam, Tim, Todd, and Ann could smell the money.

At 9:36, the flop showed .

Tim bet 300. Adam called.

Todd raised it up to 1300.

Tim, with the big stack, raised all-in.

Adam got out of the way, but Todd agonized about it and then called; he couldn’t get away from his hand.

Tim showed .

Todd laid down . With two cards to come, it was looking more and more likely that Todd the Terminator would end up finishing out of the money for the first time in his last three games.

The turn of didn’t do anything for him; only a jack could save him.

With a river of , Tim knocked him out.

The field was down to five players. For the second MSOP event in a row, the prize winners would be at least half women!

Only a few minutes later the board showed .

Tim threw in a bet of 1000. Ann called.

The turn showed and Ann went all-in for her remaining 5255.

Tim called and showed , a dominating set of jacks!

However, Ann was not to be outdone. She showed , with a full house, queens full of jacks!

Only a jack could save Tim, but the river came and Ann doubled up. Tim was far from mortally wounded, however.

At 9:47, with 600 in the pot and a flop of , Ann bet 500.

Adam raised her all-in for 2560. Ann called.

Adam showed .

Ann showed .

I apparently didn’t record the turn and river, but I think we can be pretty sure Adam picked that one up, with his sets coming again and again!

At 9:57, there was 800 in the pot.

The flop came .

Adam went all-in for about 5000.

Susanna called him with her 1400.

Ann and Tim got out of the way.

Adam showed with a straight.

Suz showed .

The board continued without help for Suz, .

The remaining players would all get paid; there were four left.

At 10:10, the flop was .

Sara went all-in and Adam called.

Sara showed .

Adam had .

Sara was a big favorite, 81.62% versus Adam at 18.38%.

The turn came , giving Adam an inside straight draw but with his odds still falling with only one card to come. Sara 88.64% versus Adam 11.36%.

And the card he needed came, a .

Sara was out with 4th place and $30. Adam, Tim, and Ann continued to battle it out for the remaining spots.

At 10:13, the flop was .

Adam bet 2000 into the pot, and then Tim re-raised him all-in.

Adam called and showed the top pair, .

Tim, however, had pocket pair with an ace kicker, .

The turn and river did not help Adam out, and Tim doubled up. He had been the chip leader, though, and so was not out of the hunt yet.

At 10:25 the board showed .

Adam bet 2000.

Tim called.

The turn came and Adam went all-in.

Tim called.

Adam showed , with a flush draw.

Tim showed , with the pair of twos and a flush draw… but a flush draw that was death for him.

The river came . Adam was out in 3rd with $40.

At 10:31, with the night still young, it was time for the final showdown.

The board showed .

Tim bet 2000. Ann called.

The turn was .

Tim went all-in, and Ann called.

Tim showed , with top pair.

Ann showed , with middle pair and a big underdog.

The river did not save her, and Tim took his first MSOP win and $140! Ann placed second with $70.


1st ($140): TimB
2nd ($70): Ann (10:31)
3rd ($40): Adam (10:25)
4th ($30): Sara (10:10)
5th: Suz (9:57)
6th: Todd (9:36)
7th: Rod (9:26)
8th: John (8:49)
9th: Eric (8:38)
10th: Chris (8:23)
11th/12th: Nick and Alyssa (8:05)


With his win, Tim rocketed up to third place. Any-Two-Will-Do also continued her impressive climb. Even with an extra buyin, she climbed a bit closer towards Todd’s perch.