MSOP Results: September 10, 2004

September 11, 2004 ยท 7 minute read

Welcome once again to the McKinley Casino for coverage of the world famous Madison Series of Poker. Tonight we bring you highlights from the 9th tournament in the 2004 Series, held on September 10th, 2004.


Disappointment settled into the crowd once it became clear that the reigning champion, Todd "The Terminator" Henderson, would not be in attendance to attempt his third straight MSOP win. The disappointment was lessened in the knowledge that the players would not have to go through him to get a piece of the second-largest prize pool in MSOP history.


John "Disco" Stewart was joined by other past competitors Susanna "The Bride" Daniel, Greg "gr8 yt" White , Chad Metcalf, Chris Armagost, Jon "Elvis" Eilbes , Dan Hesselson, Kit "Kitten" Tilmann , and Herb "Herbinator" Jabs.


The table was filled out by the up-and-comer Rod "Hot Rod" Scheib.


With $200 in the kitty, the ten players were ready to duke it out at 7pm. Let’s shuffle up and deal!

1st: $100
2nd: $60
3rd: $40

Play by Play

Early action was relatively tame, with most of the players holding on to most of their 2000 in starting chips. Chris shot out to an early lead, winning a couple of pots off me and others.



It didn’t take long for the table to see some more serious action. At 7:25, Rod, Greg, and Chris had built up a monster pot of 2250.

The board showed .

Rod checked, and Greg plunked down one of his purple chips for 500. Chris called him, and Rod folded.

Greg showed , his two pair beating out Chris’ .

This tilted the table towards Greg and making him the new chip leader.



At 7:40, a flop of  brought out a bet of 700 from Dan. Surprisingly, he got not one but three callers suddenly creating a monster pot worth nearly 3000.


The turn came . Kit bet 200, a relative pittance, into the towering pot, and got calls from all of the other three.


The river came . Kit once again bet 200 into the pot, which got a call from Chris, a fold from Chad, and another call from Dan.


Kit showed , but his hopes were dashed…

Dan laid down the pocket rockets, .


Alas for Kit and Dan, Chris had them both covered with his pocket pair, , giving him a set of 9’s and returning him to chip leader status. The 9 trips would soon become the theme of the evening.



After another forty minutes of heavy fighting, at 8:29, Herb and Chad built up a relatively decent pot of 2100.

The board showed .


Chad went all-in and got a call from Herb.

Chad laid down . It looked like he’d gotten his card on the river, getting two pair out of his big slick.

However, Herb had that pesky set of 9’s again with  in his pocket.



At 8:43, Greg, Suz, and Herb built a pot of 1650 by the river.

The board showed .

Herb put in a purple chip for 500, and Suz replied by going all-in for the rest of her stack of 800. Greg got out of the way, and Herb called the additional 300.

Herb laid down , his cowboys giving him a set.

However, Suz showed , her nut flush taking down the big pot.



Almost two hours into the game at 9:00, all ten players were still alive and kicking… albeit some were healthier than others.

With a flop of , Kit went all-in for his remaining 570.

Chad called.


Kit showed , giving him the top pair and a high kicker.


Chad showed , with a four flush and two cards to come.


The turn came , giving Kitten his full house and with Chad then drawing dead.


The river of  gave Chad the flush but not the pot. Kitten doubled up and was back in the hunt.



At 9:11, with his stack dwindling, the Herbinator went all-in preflop. Unfortunately for him, he got a call from Rod.


Herb laid down .


Rod showed the dominating hand , a 2-1 favorite.


The flop came , giving Rod a pair, plus a flush and inside straight draw. Herb’s chances were at 1.52% versus Rod’s 97.58%. 


The turn of  gave Herb a pair, but dashed his hopes.

He was drawing dead, and the river came .


The field was now finally beginning to thin, with nine players left.



It took a while before blood was shed again, but at 9:50, Chad went all-in preflop with his remaining 395. Dan called him with a slightly smaller stack, and Rod called them both.


Chad showed big slick, .


Dan laid down .


Unfortunately for them both, Rod saddled up with cowboys, .


Chad had 17.57%, Dan 11.32%, and Rod dominated with a 69.43% shot.


The cards came , ending Chad and Dan’s nights, and giving Rod a strong case for the Terminator moniker; he’d knocked out all three players.


The field was now at seven.



It took nearly an hour before the table saw some more serious fighting, but Susanna brought it at 10:42, going all-in preflop. She got a caller from, once again, Rod.


Susanna showed .


Rod had the ladies, however: , making him a 2-1 over Suz.


The board flopped , suddenly making Susanna the frontrunner in the hand with a pair of aces. However, the flop also gave Rod a flush draw. Suz 56.16% vs. Rod 43.84%.


The turn came , and Susanna’s aces were holding up, now making her a 3-1 favorite to win and double up her stack.


But the force was strong for Rod that night, and the river of  gave him the flush and notched up his kills to four people. The field of players was thinned to six.



Only a few hands later at 10:51, with my stack dwindling to under 1000 and the big blind at 300, I raised preflop the miniumum to 600. Rod folded his small blind, but Greg, convinced I was bluffing, didn’t let go of the big blind, and threw in another 300 to see what I had.


The flop came  and I went all-in for the rest of my 240 in chips. Greg called.


I threw down one of the first good hands I’d had that night, .


Greg showed .


The turn and river (which I didn’t record) did not help Greg out, and I doubled up, still leaving me with less than my starting amount.



My notes are unclear on exactly the series of events that occurred next, but it appears that at 11:24, Elvis got knocked out.


At 11:34, Kit and Greg were knocked out on the same hand by Rod, bringing his termination count to at least six, and thinning the herd to three players left.


Rod was by far the chip leader, with Chris in second, and me in distant third (still with less than my starting stack).



At 11:40, Rod knocked out Chris (who went home with 3rd place and $40) for his seventh termination. I was suddenly heads up versus Rod, who had at least a 10 to 1 chip advantage over me.


The crowd stuck around, expecting to see a quick elimination and then perhaps a second game.


However, it was not to be. I slowly crawled my way back up, taking the now very high blinds when I could and doubling up when I could. At least once, I know Rod called my bluff of a preflop all-in (with 95 offsuit or something similarly awful), but I sucked out the cards I needed to win.


Finally, after nearly an hour of heads-up action, I took down Hot Rod at 12:33.


Rod took home 2nd place for $60 and I won the top prize of $100.


Congratulations to Rod and Chris, and thank you to everyone else who played!


1st ($100): John
2nd ($60): Rod (12:33)
3rd ($40): Chris (11:40)
4th/5th: GregW and Kit (11:34)
6th: Elvis (11:24)
7th: Susanna (10:43)
8th/9th: ChadM and Dan (9:52)
10th: Herb (9:13)


My first place result still doesn’t move me any higher in the standings, with Todd still the king of the heap… for the time being.