MSOP Results: July 17, 2004

July 18, 2004 ยท 2 minute read

Main Game

1st & 2nd ($35 each): Mikey and Nickles
3rd ($10): Ngan (9:30)
4th: Susanna (9:17)
5th: John (9:14)
6th: Greg (8:44)
7th & 8th: Leslie and Chad (8:31)

Second Game
(doesn’t count towards stats)

1st ($40): Nickles
2nd ($20): John (12:57)
3rd ($10): Greg (12:48)
4th: Susanna (12:30)
5th: Chad (11:57)
6th: Ngan (11:53)

In the first game, at 8:31, Leslie and Chad went all in (and Greg nearly), I think on the river. Leslie had a pair of 9’s, Chad had a pair of A’s with a queen kicker in the hole, and Greg had A’s and 3’s. However, Mikey had pocket 4’s, with one on the board, taking out Leslie and Chad in one swipe, with Greg mortally wounded, leaving Mikey with a huge pile of chips which would eventually prove insurmountable.

Greg fell fifteen minutes later, going all in with K10, against my pocket A’s.

I was knocked out versus Mikey with top pair on the flop (A’s), but Mikey had the flush by the turn.

Suz went all in with A7 versus Ngan’s AJ, and then Ngan was knocked down by Mikey fifteen minutes later, but he at least took home his $10.

Mike and Nickles split 1st and 2nd for $35 each.

Good game, all! Here is the latest roster sheet, first sorted by rank and then sorted by net (on which I dropped from 1 to 4 in one week!). Mikey sets a new record by being the only person so far to be in the money every time, and having played more than once.