MSOP Results: May 21, 2004

May 22, 2004 ยท 2 minute read

Down to three of us, it was ChadM in the big stack, having won a huge hand against me earlier. I forget what I lost on (and he won on)… I’m either blocking it out of my memory as too painful, or the large quantities of alcohol clouds my recollection.

Kit and I were pretty even with probably 1/5th the money Chad had (at most). However, it was Kit and I that kept getting the cards, so he and I kept going head to head, going all in repeatedly. We probably swapped stacks of money at least three or four times.

Finally Kit got knocked out (was it head to head vs me, Kit?). I’m not sure the hand (may have been where he was knocked out), but at one point, I know Kit had me beat – he had the cards and we were all in, going to the flop (had me beat), then the turn (had me beat). Only a 10 could save me, and that’s what came up on the river.

Then it was Chad and I head to head for a while, with me severely undergunned. The blinds were getting VICIOUS (I think up to 700 at the end there). Finally I went all in on crap cards, desperate to make a move, and he called me on it and took the prize. So money this time:

1st ChadM – $50
2nd John – $20
3rd Kit – $10