For Sale: 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD

February 25, 2007


Big Red is no more. =(

This car has every available option (this is the Orvis Edition):

This was simply the finest SUV money could buy in 1995.

No rust (except for on the towing accessory). I’m the second owner, and the previous owner was my mother, who washed this guy every week, kept it garaged, and changed the oil religiously. Mileage is about 200k (the odometer says 184k but it wasn’t working for a while).

The Kelley Blue Book says this is worth $5230 in good condition. Cosmetically, it’s in better than good condition. Mechanically, there are a couple of known issues:

Despite the issues, this guy runs well. I bought a new car and want it out of my driveway. Come over in this awful weather to see how well this car drives in the snow (I will miss the AWD)!

Despite the fact that KBB says this is worth $5230, we know it is not (it’s got 200k miles on it). However, it runs, and cosmetically is in beautiful shape.

I am asking $1500 firm. I know this is worth this much, and I’m in no hurry to sell, so please don’t respond to this ad and intend to lowball me an offer. You’re welcome to check it out, but don’t expect me to take less than $1500.

Old school cell phone included. I’ve never used it, but supposedly (even though it has not normal service) 911 still works with it, so I never took it out.

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