For Sale: 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4WD

February 25, 2007 · 3 minutes read

Update: the Jeep is SOLD.

This is your basic spartan 4WD runner. Mileage is 208k.


  • Engine has less than 20k miles on it; replaced in 2003 (I have documentation on this)
  • New rear brakes! Drums and shoes replaced a couple of months ago.
  • Alloy wheels – take a look at these compared to most any other Jeep wheels; they’re by far the most attractive. I see these online for $450!
  • Manual seats / windows / locks (less to go wrong!)
  • AM / FM / cassette. I’ll include my cassette tape adapter with it and we’ll call it “iPod Ready”
  • Part time 4WD – leave it off for better fuel economy, kick it in when you need it
  • Solid clutch (was replaced soon before engine, and because of that was one of the reasons I decided to invest in a new engine back in 2003)
  • Manual 5-speed transmission – fun to drive; more fuel efficient than an automatic
  • Thick plastic trunk liner for wet cargo included
  • Full size spare tire/wheel
  • Vent windows – very old school; you won’t find those on a newer car.
  • 4 liter 6-cylinder engine (thus the “Sport” model)

  Known Issues

  • The cruise control doesn’t work.
  • Significant rust on bottoms of both doors
  • When cruising at highway speed for a while, there is often intermittent power loss for a split second (downshifting / varying speed relieves this). This has happened for about two years now. I suspect strongly the fuel pump, but have never had it replaced because it is a non-issue in the city. It’s been a reliable runner for my daily commute.
  • Tires probably nearing end of life
  • When I had the brakes fixed a few months ago, I asked to have the fluid bled – apparently the bleed valve is frozen, and it needs new wheel hubs to fix this. I didn’t get a second opinion and decided it was time to stop investing in this car.

This guy has been my daily runner for the past ten years, and is the first car I ever owned. It’s been all over the country with me and I’ll be sad to see it go, but I’ve finally upgraded. You probably don’t want this car if you’re allergic to dogs; I’ve vacuumed up the hair as best I could, but my trusty hound has been a rear seat passenger for years.

If you need a decent 4WD junker, this is it.

Kelley Blue Book is on this in fair condition is $1500. I’m asking $1000 firm.

Please don’t respond to this ad if:

  • You don’t know how to drive a stick shift!
  • You’re not aware of the known issues above – I’m being open about the problems.
  • You’re allergic to dogs (see above).
  • You intend to lowball an offer – I’m in no hurry to sell it, it runs, and has 4WD. I’m asking well under blue book, and don’t want to dicker. $1000 is an excellent deal for a running 4WD vehicle.

I have tried to be as descriptive as possible and represent accurately the condition of the car. It’s a used car, and is sold as-is.

If you’re interested, please email me through this link (this goes through my craigslist ad).