MPT Results: September 9, 2006

September 10, 2006 · 2 minutes read

We ended up with seven players on the second night of our double-header weekend, and the game got under way at the usual time of 7pm. This night, we did $20 rebuys with unlimited rebuys for 2 hours for T3000 in chips (if you were broke). An optional add-on of $20/T3000 was available for players with under T500 at the two hour mark.

Sadly, this is the last game for one of our longest veterans of the MSOP… Dan is soon off to marriage, then San Francisco! Good luck in both endeavours, Dan! We’ll miss you.

Final Roster

John Stewart

Nickles Stanton

Dan Hesselson

Greg White

Jane Schneider

Robert Regan

Tim O’Brien

8:10 Nickles, with top pair on the flop got all in versus Robert’s pocket rockets and sent him to his wallet for a a rebuy.

8:16 Jane with AJ got all-in against my AQ and was in for the game’s second rebuy.

8:23 Dan with a flush draw on the flop couldn’t put me off a small pocket pair with a big reraise, and I called. Dan’s draw missed and he was in for our third rebuy.

8:53 Tim busted GregW and gr8yt was in for the game’s fourth rebuy.

9pm The cutoff time came with no more bust outs. With seven players we had eleven buyins and $220 in the kitty, for a payout of $110/70/40.

9:25 Despite a pretty good run early I was the first to bite when it really mattered. I moved against Nick’s bigger stack with a straight draw, and his AQ had hit a queen-high flop. I was done.

9:49 Tim knocked out both Greg and Jane.

9:58 Robert busted to Tim on the bubble.

10:05 Tim knocked down Dan, sending him off with 3rd place and $40.

10:13 Nick took out Tim for 1st and $110, sending Tim home with 2nd and $70.

1st ($110) Nickles

2nd ($70) TimO

3rd ($40) DanH