MPT Results: September 8, 2006

September 9, 2006 · 2 minutes read

The $20, no rebuy, game got under way at 7pm with a full roster, the second-to-last game for at least a month (as Susanna and I will be in Italy for three weeks!).

Full Roster

John Stewart

Robert Regan

Nickles Stanton

Chris Armagost

Adam Bodette

Rob Larson

Dan Hesselson

John Cokl

Nathan Bowden

Pat Wissell

7:48 RobertR busted out to me, his bluff running into my full house.

8:27 Dan and Nathan got all-in on the flop of 4c8c6c. Dan showed down a powerful KcKd, but Nathan showed 6h6s with the set. A turn and river of 8s Th would not help Dan out and we were down to eight players.

8:48 Adam, JohnC, and Pat were in a big pot. A flop of AhKsQd prompted Pat to push with 750 more. Adam and JohnC called. After a turn of 5c, Adam pushed and John called. Pat showed KhJc, JohnC TdQc, and Adam had QhQs with the set of queens. A turn and river of 5c 4h could not help out Pat and JohnC and they were done, giving Adam the lead.

8:56 Chris chipped off his stack with Ac3h and a board of Qs8c8s6c5c on a bluff. Rob showed down QhKd with top pair and sent him packing.

9:31 With blinds up to 150/300, the chipleader Adam raised it up to 1000. I looked down to AT and sick of being bullied, pushed for 2000. Adam quickly called, showing KK, and I was soon out.

9:43 Nick pushed preflop for 2000, and RobL called. Nick showed 4h4s and was looking good against Rob’s Ac4d. A flop of 3h5s5d and the fours were holding, but then a turn of Ad and river of Qh paired up Rob’s ace and sent Nickles packing on the bubble.

9:44 Nathan pushed with 9hKc and Adam called with 6c6s and Nathan was soon done in 3rd and $40.

9:50 The chip count was approximately 5000 for Rob to 15,000 for Adam.

9:55 RobL was all-in preflop and Adam called. Rob showed down 4hKd and Adam KcQh. The queen kicker would do it and Rob took 2nd and $60 and Adam took the main prize of $100.

1st ($100) AdamB

2nd ($60) RobL

3rd ($40) NathanB