MPT Results: May 5, 2006 – $50 buyin

May 6, 2006 · 3 minutes read

With the buyin at $50, more than double the norm, we filled the table at ten players and had a record $500 prize pool.

It was also perhaps the most prompt and most sober I have ever seen an MSOP event…

Full Roster

I did another timelapse movie of the game; click the image to play.

Play started at 7pm with ten players, 3000 each in chips (up from the usual 2000), but blind levels the same.

8:58 Thomas, after riding a roller coaster for a while (he was all-in twice and survived), finally busted out to Stephanie.

9:47 Troy to Dean.

10:08 With the blinds up to 150/300, and my stack the shortest at 2025, I pushed with AKs. Jane called me with pocket tens, and they held up, sending me to join Troy as a dealer.
10:14** Minutes later, Dan pushed with 2150, and Robert called with a hair more, showing down QQ. Dan showed KTs. The flop came 4KQ, with Dan hitting top pair, but Robert with trips. A 4 on the turn made it a full house for Robert, and a 2 on the river couldn’t help Dan.

10:30 Down to six players, the game had settled and the stage was set for the rest of the night. Nick was the big stack with over 11k in chips. Dean was looking pretty healthy with over 6k, with the rest clustered closely… Jane 4k, Robert 4k, Stephanie 4k, and Todd the short stack at 3k.

10:35 Todd got all-in with Nick preflop. Nick showed AQ, Troy was dominated with A8… and he would go out in 6th place.

10:54 With blinds up to 300/600, Nick raised it preflop to 2000. Stephanie pushed for 700 more, and showed KJo. Nick showed AKo, again in the dominating position. The flop came J7Q, giving Stephanie top pair. However, a T on the turn gave Nick the straight and a 6 couldn’t help Stephanie on the river; she was out in 5th.

With four players left, the next one out would be the last loser of the night. Third place would pay out $100.
11:00** Dean had the dubious honors of going out on the bubble. Though he outlasted 6 other players, he would go out in 4th place with nothing to show for his work.

The remaining players then all had $100 in their pockets, and were fighting over the remaining $200 in prize money. After busting out Dean, Robert was the new chip leader, sitting behind 13,800. Nick was right behind, with 11,900. Jane was the small stack with 4300. Blinds were up to a sizeable 400/800.

Todd and I, the only spectators left, got a side bet in of $10. My horses were Jane and Nickles, and he got Robert. Nickles won a big pot soon after that, with Robert unable to pull the trigger on a call with $100 on the line.

11:07 Jane got all-in with KJo versus Robert’s A8o, and was soon out in 3rd place, but with $100 in her pocket.

It was now heads-up, with Nickles in a solid lead.
11:20** They got all-in, with Robert’s AQ versus Nickles’ J7. However, Nick, the big stack sucked it out to chalk up a first place finish and $250. Robert took second with $150.

Congratulations, Nick, Robert, and Jane, and thanks to everyone for playing!
1st** ($250) Nickles
2nd ($150) RobertR
3rd ($100) Jane