MPT Results: April 29, 2006

April 30, 2006 · 2 minutes read

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It was a late game, getting under way at 8pm.

9:13 With the blinds at 25/50, Nick raised it to 150. Chad pushed it to 300, Tony called, and Nick called.

The flop came T83 and Nick went all-in. Chad thought for a bit and then called with an overpair, JJ. Nick showed TJ with top pair, needing a ten to suck out. It came on the river for Nickles, the birthday boy, leaving Chad with just under 400 in chips.

9:18 Just a few minutes later, Nick raised it to 200 preflop, with Chad calling with much of his stack. On the flop, they got all in, with Chad showing A4 and Nick AJ. However, Chad returned the suckout, hitting a straight on the river and bringing his stack back up to 600 or so.

9:53 Chad’s comeback was cut short by Tony.

10:03 With a flop of 7sJcTs, Jane and Dan got all-in on the flop. Janeshowed down KdJs with top pair, and Dan showed KcQs with a flush draw. The turn came As, giving Dan the nuts, and the 7h river couldn’t help Jane.

10:09 With a board of Kd8dAc7c, Tony and Nick got all-in, Tony with Ad5d and Nick As3h, looking like a chopped pot. But Nickes got his card with a 3s coming on the river. Down to three players, with the next one out the last loser.

10:14 As the short stack with about 2000, blinds at 75/150, I limped with A4 into Nick’s big blind. He raised it up, I pushed, and he quickly called, showing down AK. No 4 came, so I was out in 3rd.

10:31 Dan and Nick, after battling back and forth a bit, chopped the $120 prize pool down the middle so we could start a side game.

1st/2nd ($60): Dan/Nick