July 25, 2013 · 2 minutes read

I have a new app in the Apple iOS App Store called UltiScore.

It’s an ultimate frisbee scoreboard app for both iPhone and iPad, and has a couple of neat features.

I designed it for myself, a captain of a team in the Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association, MUFA. You can quickly set team names, and game and cap time. It shows a countdown timer to the cap time, and plays an annoying sound when it occurs (and repeats until you tap OK).

As for choosing cap time, you can select one of the MUFA-standard cap times, or select your own custom time. Furthermore, the app will auto-detect your current location when you start a game, and based on that, calculates the local sunset time. It presents sunset time as another option for the cap:


When a point is scored, that team’s score is highlighted in green. Over two minutes, it slowly fades back to white, so you know at a glance which team has scored in the last two minutes (often helpful if you don’t know if the score was recorded).


Just below the score is a scrollview where you can scroll through the complete game log to see the history. To see it full-screen, you just hit the log button to see the complete game history. Once the game is over, just hit the share button in this window to email yourself a copy of the log.


UltiScore is now in the App Store and is a free download. I hope other Madison ultimate players find it useful.