Observations on Fatherhood #13

July 21, 2011 · One minute read

Why? Why? Why?

I appreciate that my son has a curious mind. However, surely any father gets sick of answering the same question over and over.  Clearly it’s his first reaction to almost any statement, from “It’s time to eat” to “Please stop licking the chair”.

I’ve made it a policy I’ll always answer a question… but I make him formulate it in an actual sentence. “Why?” doesn’t count. I’ll respond “Why what?” and if he can articulate what he’s asking, I’ll gladly answer WHY until we’re talking about subatomic particles.

I’ve developed a new theory on the origin of religion. Just as it was a way to explain to ancient peoples to themselves what was going on in the world that (they didn’t yet have a real explanation for, like the sun rising, etc.), I think it also may have been a way to shut their kids up.


“Because God said so, and faith in his word is a virtue.”


“Don’t contradict God! Bad boy!”

… or something like that.