Julius Peppers is an asshole

January 24, 2011 · 2 minutes read

So the Pack won yesterday (hell yes!). Hopefully Aaron Rodgers is all right, but he took a hit from Julius Peppers that was totally uncalled for, and seemed to put him off his game.

Untouched and in Rodgers’ blind spot, he hit him hard, helmet to helmet. Knocked his helmet half off and he was spitting blood. It could have ended his season. Hell, could have ended his career. Dirty, ugly shit.

Fine, maybe he didn’t mean to hit with his helmet, but what burns my toast is that he, and the Bears coach on the sideline, were complaining about the completely appropriate 15-yard penalty! Completely classless. He should have been ejected.

Here’s him complaining:

Here’s video of the hit; though I’m sure Youtube will pull this for copyright violation before long:


Interestingly, here’s another dirty hit from Peppers on Rodgers, out of bounds, from when he played for the Panthers; this must have been when they met in 2008. Just shows what a classless asshole Julius Peppers really is. This wasn’t just one dirty play, but it’s apparently just the way he plays:


I hope the NFL doles out a serious fine for this. Not that it will do any good, since if he was arguing against the penalty, he obviously doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong.

Edit: He was fined $10k. I don’t think that’s the minimum, but it’s also tiny compared to his salary.