Pool Table For Sale

December 4, 2010 · 2 minutes read

Alas, it appears I have to part with the pool table I’ve owned for the last decade or so. I hate to, because if I ever have the room again for one in my home, I’ll never buy one this nice.

This is an Olhausen Drake II three piece slate table with upgraded solid oak side rails and legs.  Made in the USA. Oak. Ornately carved legs.

Here’s an example of a lesser version of this table being sold new for over $2500: http://www.seyberts.com/products/Drake_II_Olhausen_Pool_Table-100574-10116.html

Full size (not a tiny bar table, but the size you would rent in a good billiards hall). Distance between bumpers is 46″ by 92″. Outside length is about 56″ x 102″ and 31.5″ high.

A full complement of accessories included:

– Set of 16 balls.

– Both 8-ball and 9-ball racks.

– Complete set of cues… 15, 17, 19, and 21 ounce, plus bridge and stubby cue for tight spaces.

– Wall mounted cue holder.

– Cue chalk and hand chalk.

– Vinyl cover.

– Wall mounted score keeper and rattle cup for pool variants.

The table is in beautiful condition; a couple of minor nicks and scratches that you would expect, but otherwise in perfect condition. All of the wood is still beautiful.

The only concern with condition is it still has the original cloth (felt) from 20 years ago. I would highly recommend replacing it with the newer style, faster, cloth. In the process you can change it to whatever color you prefer, instead of the tan that it is now.

I am happy to help you break this down and load it up, so you can see how it is built (really pretty simple). Be warned, though… each of the three pieces of slate is over 200 pounds. There are also professional moving services available, which I would recommend for anyone not mechanically inclined.

I am currently asking $999, which I believe this an excellent price for a table of this quality.

If you have any questions about it or would like to check it out, please email me at john@johnstewart.com.

More pictures here.