April 29, 2010 · 2 minutes read

This blog is a weird thing. I guess it’s existed a while, and I’ve pretty much always had a website of some sort once I bought

The earliest incarnation at is 2000; seems about right. It looked pretty much like pictured here,  this from 2001.

I must say it was pretty impressive and high tech, compared to its  contemporaries. There was a design, an aesthetic, and it wasn’t a total eyesore. The blue text was actually my handwriting, with a Sharpie, scanned in and turned into a transparent .gif. When you rolled over the text, it would switch to a red-colored word, done the same way (but from a different scan).

Always this has just been a vanity site, a way to communicate with people in my real life, meatspace. It’s a way to show photos to and of my friends and family. And sometimes I’ve written (ranted) on one thing or another over time.

I’ve not looked nor cared about what traffic I get.

Anyway, I finally loaded up  Google Analytics about a month ago (mostly as I was figuring it out for Susanna’s site, so it was low-hanging fruit). Pictured below are my hits over that time; the peak was 200 hits over two days. These are 88% direct, basically not coming from search engines.

Looks like on the upslope of that, the Associated Press announced that  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were having their contracts renewed.

So, these people must be those who just mis-typed, which presently is just a link to follow him (from Daily Show fame, one presumes) on Twitter.