Fuck Party Poker

March 3, 2007 · 2 minutes read

Boy, this is a sure fire way to engender customer satisfaction… charge me $2.10 for not using their site. Also note the date… is it an April Fool’s joke, or have they invented time travel (that could be useful in the poker world)? The email looks otherwise legit.

Dear DrHim,

Our records indicate that your account has become inactive.

An inactive account is any account that has not logged in for 180 consecutive days. Inactive accounts are subject to a $2.1 administrative fee, which has been deducted from your account balance on 01-Apr-2007.

As you are registered in a restricted country, you may wish to remove your balance from your account. You need not close the account as zero balance accounts are not charged an inactive fee.

*TERMS & CONDITIONS If you do not access your Account by “logging on” to your Account using your Account name and password for any period of 180 days, then after those 180 days (the “180 day grace period”) your Account (and any related account with any ESP) will be deemed “Inactive”. If your Account becomes Inactive, then the Company is entitled to charge you an administrative fee (the “Inactive Account Fee”). The Inactive Account Fee shall be deducted from your Account Balance at the end of each calendar month in accordance with the Inactive Account Fee Schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7.


Party Team

1-866-848-7537      (USA/Canada)
011-800-7789-7537      (USA/Canada)
00-800-7789-7537      (Europe)
+350-50509       (International Charges Apply)

Suck my balls, Mike Sexton… suck my balls.