Santastic II

December 9, 2006 · 2 minutes read

Sick of every damn holiday song, yet you still want some merry music? Here’s your solution.

It’s damn good, and I guarantee you’ve never heard ’em before.

djBC of Beastles fame has gathered a collection of mixups and mashups from all around the world for Santastic II (why do I want to say Electric Boogaloo after that?).

The headliner, in my mind, is Sarah Silverman’s Give da Jew Girl Toys (Dirty) mashed up with Da Da Da Da by A plus D:

I hate to say it Santa,
but you’re acting like a dick.
You should give presents
to everyone that’s good
and not just to your personal clique.

You bring me a toy
to open Christmas morning,
I’ll let you be my boyfriend
all dirty fat and horny.
oh yeah
oh yeah

What does Jesus have to do with you?
You’ve got as much to do with Jesus
as you do with Scooby-Doo.
What do you have to do with Jesus?
You have as much to do with him
as you do your mother’s penis.
oh yeah

So I don’t think he’s the son of god.
I think he still was a nice boy.
If you ask yourself what would Jesus do,
he would say “Give da jew girl toys.”
Give da jew girl toys.

The webpage for Santastic II is here. You can download individual mp3s there. However, do yourself a favor and just grab the whole thing as a bittorrent.

DJ Riko also does a yearly Christmas mix that also is worth checking out. However, I don’t yet see a 2006 version on his Merry Mixmas page. 2002 through 2005 are all there, though. They’re each a single long playing mp3.

Edit: I do see DJ Riko’s Mixmas 2006 is due Real Soon Now.