MPT Results: August 19, 2006

August 20, 2006 · 2 minutes read

We started a $10 Newbie Night game at 6pm.

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7:25 Dad busted to Suz.


7:28** Steph to Suz.

7:30 Heidi to Alyssa.

8:01 Nate to Suz

8:18 Alyssa took out Suz and took first place.

1st ($40) Alyssa

2nd ($20) Suz

The main game got under way at a little after 8:30, with the usual $20 buyin. Suz took her second place winnings and rolled it into an entry in the main event.

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9:59 Scott and Chad got all of their chips in the middle with a board of Qc7s6h Qs. Scott showed 6d6c for a sixes full of queens. Chad was hurting (but with draws) with QhTc and trip queens. The river came 7h, filling up Chad’s queens, and sending Scott packing.

10:23 With AcQc on the button and 3 limpers in the pot for 100 each, I raised it up to to 500. Jane pushed for another 350, and then JJ pushed on top for 1150 total. I thought for a while then called.

Jane showed KcJh and JJ showed Ah3h; my AcQc was looking pretty good.

The flop came Ad5s4h, the turn Qs, and river Qd would knock out both Jane and JJ.

10:38 Ben got all-in preflop versus Suz with AsKc versus Suz’s QhTh. The flop came Ad6s5d, with Ben’s aces looking dominant. A river of As gave him trips, but opened the door for a suckout straight from Suz. The river came Qd, making Suz her straight and sending Ben home.

11:38 With three of us left, the blinds up to 300/600, and Chad the big stack (with Suz and I fighting for 2nd), I looked down to Ac5h and pushed. Chad called me quickly with JdJs, and his hand would hold up. I was out on the bubble.

12:10 After a long battle back from small stack, Suz knocked out Chad to take first.

This officially ends Susanna’s eligibility for any future newbie nights. Congratulations to Alyssa, Chad, and Suz!

1st ($90) Suz

2nd ($50) ChadM