Blast from the Past

May 11, 2006

I ran across this old Isthmus the other day and saw a couple of interesting articles. The first thing that caught my eye was an article about an old BBS I used to frequent in my days as a Macintosh zealot. I loved my Mac…. but once I graduated and was off my parents’ money teat, I decided that Windows PCs were cheap enough to jump ship. Anyway, for a time, the Stately Wayne Manor was a great local Mac BBS… until it got shut down. Click the image to find out why it went off the air (and why I saved that old newspaper).

And I also noticed this Life in Hell strip in the same issue (this from 1992). I sure wish Matt Groening had been able to rerun the same strip in 2004. Long time Madisonians, take note of the ad for Cafe Palms dishwashers in the classifieds section. That was a restaurant (with colossally shitty service) that was in the old Hotel Washington. Yes, at 2 in the morning it took forever to get a damn omlette. But where else are you gonna go, drunk, on campus, at 2am and get an omlette? Well, nowhere since the Hotel Wash burned down.


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March 30, 2007
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