MPT Results: April 21, 2006

April 22, 2006 · 2 minutes read

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Play got under way at 7pm, and the table was crazy, especially in comparison to last week’s fossil garden. Bill was pushing around, showing bluffs to his cousin, and generally mixing it up. Ann “any two will” Dugan was a big stack early, hitting some big hands and getting paid off.

7:49  With blinds only to 15/30, Ann raised it preflop. Bill called. With a flop of 7d3h2h, Ann made it 400 to go, but Bill stayed in. A turn of 5h and river of Ah and Bill was all-in on the river. Ann went to the tank, but bravely called. Bill showed ThQs for a flush, but Ann showed down JhJd for a barely bigger flush. Ann took out Bill and became the dominant stack at the table.

8:54 Tony in the small blind of 50 raised it up to the rest of his stack with 350. Chris in the big blind of 100 and a healthy stack called him. Tony with 4s6s and Chris with 9h4d, and Tony’s hand was dominated. His 4 would not come… Qh8hJh Jd 9c.

9:05 Ann was dealing, and Chris and Jane decided to mix it up with her. With a flop of Th6s7d,  Chris made it 250. Jane and Ann both called. The turn came 6c, Chris made it 400, Jane folded… and Ann raised it up to 1500! Chris re-raised all-in for another 1650, and Ann, with the words “This may be the stupidest thing I’ve done…. but…” called him down.

Chris showed 7s7c for the set, and Ann showed 4cTc with top pair. A river of 6d would not help her out, leaving her crippled with 625, and Chris now the monster stack.

9:16 Ann busted out to Chris
9:30** Jane busted out to Chris

9:57 Chris had shifted a chunk of his stack over to Nathan, leaving me the short stack with three of us left. I looked down to KcTh and pushed from the small blind. Chris called me down with AdQs, and after the cards came I was out in 3rd.

10:07 After building it up to even stacks, Nathan with just barely more than Chris knocked him out with a set.

1st ($70) Nathan
2nd ($45) Chris
3rd ($25) John

Here’s a timelapse of the game I did. Three hours of gameplay over thirty seconds or so of movie. Note the slowly darkening window.