MSOP Results: September 10, 2004

September 11, 2004 · 2 minutes read

was joined by other past competitors Susanna “The Bride” Daniel, Greg “gr8 yt” White

, Chad Metcalf, Chris Armagost, Jon “Elvis” Eilbes

, Dan Hesselson, Kit “Kitten” Tilmann

, and Herb “Herbinator” Jabs.


 brought out a bet of 700 from Dan. Surprisingly, he got not one but three callers suddenly creating a monster pot worth nearly 3000.

. Kit bet 200, a relative pittance, into the towering pot, and got calls from all of the other three.

. Kit once again bet 200 into the pot, which got a call from Chris, a fold from Chad, and another call from Dan.

, but his hopes were dashed…


, giving him a set of 9’s and returning him to chip leader status. The 9 trips would soon become the theme of the evening.


. It looked like he’d gotten his card on the river, getting two pair out of his big slick.

 in his pocket.

, her nut flush taking down the big pot.

, Kit went all-in for his remaining 570.

, giving him the top pair and a high kicker.

, with a four flush and two cards to come.

, giving Kitten his full house and with Chad then drawing dead.

 gave Chad the flush but not the pot. Kitten doubled up and was back in the hunt.


, a 2-1 favorite.

, giving Rod a pair, plus a flush and inside straight draw. Herb’s chances were at 1.52% versus Rod’s 97.58%. 

 gave Herb a pair, but dashed his hopes.





, ending Chad and Dan’s nights, and giving Rod a strong case for the Terminator moniker; he’d knocked out all three players.


, making him a 2-1 over Suz.

, suddenly making Susanna the frontrunner in the hand with a pair of aces. However, the flop also gave Rod a flush draw. Suz 56.16% vs. Rod 43.84%.

, and Susanna’s aces were holding up, now making her a 3-1 favorite to win and double up her stack.

 gave him the flush and notched up his kills to four people. The field of players was thinned to six.

 and I went all-in for the rest of my 240 in chips. Greg called.