Tale of the Ketchup Bandit

November 27, 2002

Please view the Ketchup Bandit page to see to where these comments refer.

They came in during the whole event, presented chronologically (but without authors or dates).


“We are! We are! The Geeks of the Nation!”
Kudos to you, my friend!

Better angle on the camera to clearly get it on film. What a shitty thing to get fired for… ha…. next interview “why did you leave your last place of employment?…“


let us know how this plays out :o)

See if you can sell the footage to Jerry Springer or Maury Povich or some other bottom-feeding talk show host.

You gotta have a little fun with him. Maybe something like putting those spring snake things in your drawer so when he opens it they jump out at him. Or an alarm of sorts. If he always did it at the same time you could set up a netmeeting session with your pc and start talking to him. Something to freak him out on camera. It would only be fair after all…


you may have discovered a new word for the English language. Since mice cannot bark and are rather nocturnal creatures, it’s only way of telling you that there was a thief in your drawer was to get your attention by tearing open your ketchup packages. It seems to follow that we need many more ketchup packages and mice spread out around the building to alert us of deviant activities..

Maybe freeing the munchkin will make kharmic amends for the now-unemployed human, as well as the rodent I recently smooshed.

p.s. don’t feel bad about getting the guy fired. He deserved exactly what he got.

Great picture of the mouse though. Cute or not, I say set the camera up to catch the squish of the head when the mouse trap goes off, or even better get a good glue trap and watch him try and get out of that.

I had a 2′(with tail) rat in my apartment a few years ago, and it took two extra large glue traps to catch him. Theres nothing like having a small dog in your house 🙂

Anyway, good work John. Im interested to see how you take care of this mouse.

And make sure you catch it on camera

(cue Bond music) “Field Agent Zippy is in trouble!” “Will KetchupMaster, the Evil One, squish his little head?!”

Tune in next week, when Zippy is heard to say “…..squeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaal……“

He’ll grow up to be a state senator.

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