Old Photo Album

These are all photo pages I created by hand in back when I still preferred to edit HTML with a text editor.

July 2004:
North Central Rally
West Salem, WI

July 2003:
North Central Rally
McGregor, IA

April 2003:
Ashley’s Wedding
Madisonville, VA

January 2003:

January 2001,
October 2002:

August 2002:
Rachel’s Wedding
Hartford, CT

July 2002:
Water Skiing

July 2002:
Castle Rock

February 2001:
Jackson Hole

Spring 1999:
Big Bend
National Park

October 2004:
Mikey and Nick’s
Wedding, Hawaii

October 2003:
Susanna’s New Bike

June 2003:
Chicago, IL

February 2003:
Whistler, BC

January 2001,
October 2002:

August 2002:
New York City

January 2002: Big Sky

July 2001: Cycle Trip

Halloween 1998, Deer
Creek 2000: Phish Trips

Other Trips
Canoe Trips
Great Taste
of the

Lego Mindstorms


The Unclassifiable

Galley of
the Bizzare

Tribute to the
1996 Packers

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