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My ultimate frisbee team for MUFA Summer League, founded in 2001.



A list of all players on the team who played more than one year (or are in their first year), in chronological order by first year of play. If you are on here or otherwise have something to add, please do so.

John Stewart (2001-present) - aka "Disco", founder of DiscGrace. First played organized ultimate in the summer of 1999 with Go Huck Yourself with Risa Cohen as captain. Was invited to first game by Jim Witkins, who didn't ever play again after that year. Also played the following year on Risa's 2000 team, Stacked. Started DiscGrace in 2001 with an open invitation on MUFA Chat.

Alyssa Kenney (2001-present) - An original member of DiscGrace and along with John the only remaining original player who has played in all seasons.

Megan Kenney (2001-2005,2010-present) - Alyssa's sister, who moved in 2005 to Baltimore with her boyfriend, Kit Tilmann, who she met on the team and eventually married July 28th, 2007. Their wedding was officiated by a member of DiscGrace, Rev. Steph Stringer. We had to sneak her into the Dane her first couple of seasons. She and Kit returned for 2010.

Alex Rein (2001-2006,2010-present) - An original member of the team who moved out to Philadelphia in 2006 with his wife and began studying for an MBA.

Jon Eilbes (2001-2003) - aka "Elvis" - an original member of the team, and co-captain for 2003, who moved to California with his girlfriend.

Brian Esselman (2001-2003) - Friend and roommate of Jon's, also co-captain in 2003.

Nick Toft (2001-2003) - Long distance "hucker" and long time boyfriend of Jess, who he eventually married in the summer of 2007. Now lives in Guam.

Garret Newkirk (2001-2002)

Erin Newkirk (2001-2002)

Chandler Poole (2001-2003)

Barb Gordon (2001-2007,2009) - Super fast. She rejoined us in 2009 for one more season.

Marcus Gordon (2001-2007)

Aimee McCutcheon (2001-2002)

Nate Liegel (2001-2007) - The master of cheers.

Bridget Olson (2001-2002)

Heidi Fisher/Stringer (2002-present) - Recruited to play with DiscGrace along with her partner Steph Stringer. Heidi and Stephanie eloped to Northampton Massachusetts to be married legally in August 2004 in which Heidi changed her last name from Fisher and took her partners last name of Stringer.

Stephanie Stringer (2002-present) - Came to DiscGrace via a Fall League team "The Vermicious Knids" along with her partner Heidi Stringer.

Josh Arrington (2002-2005) - Played for many years, but usually only a couple of games per year.

Kit Tilmann (2002-2005,2010) - I think we picked him up at pickup somehow. Moved to Baltimore with Megan, but came back in 2010... to promptly break his ankle or some shit on a frozen sidewalk. He never was able to play in the 2010 season.

Jamie Schlangen (2003-2006) - Great player; she left for Colorado with her boyfriend in 2006.

Bob Seiser (2003-2004) - Studied with Kit; now in Chicago teaching.

Bret Burlingame (2003-2005) - All shiny and pretty. Fast as hell and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Chad Metcalf (2004-2007)

Mark Seidel (2004-present)

Chad Harvey (2005-2006) - Nine feet tall and Canadian. Left for Windsor, Canada, in 2006, to do his post-doc.

Jill Jackson (2006-2008)

Brian Brunmeier (2007-present)

Amanda Duesterbeck (2008-present)

Carlos Conti (2008-2010) - A knee injury early in 2010 took him out for the remainder of the season.

Chris Gibson (2008-present)

Paddy Driscoll (2008-2009) - Joined us in the middle of the 2008 season. Captained the Eastwood high school team his senior year, and made the A team of UW-Milwaukee as a freshman. Left after the 2009 season to join the Navy. He joined us for one game in 2010 before shipping off in the USS San Jacinto.

Chris Schlutt (2009-present) - Amanda's recruit in 2009.

Charlie McNulty (2009-present) - Anna's beau; she brought him on board, and he stayed while she gave it up.

Mary Dwyer (2010-present) - John's recruit; a neighbor in Spring Harbor. Her husband, Harold, joined us for a game or two but didn't officially sign up in 2010.

Ben Delzer (2010-present) - Megan's recruit.

Matt Filteau (2010-present) - Carlos/Amanda's recruit. Bewilderingly, didn't play with cleats in 2010. Or 2011, despite John giving him his old pair. Also know as Matt Ortega for his penchant for making tacos.

Molly Peterson (2011-present)

Mike Sweitzer-Beckman (2011-present)

Jon Simon (2011-present)

Minor Players

These folks were only on the team for a single season.

Risa Michell Cohen (2001) - An original member of DiscGrace and inventor of the name, which by team vote narrowly won out over "Jesus Hucking Christ on a Bike" (John placed the tiebreaking vote). While she only played one year with DiscGrace, her legacy lives on. She broke her knee (or some similarly serious knee injury) at practice, effectively ending her frisbee career.

Jessica Hjelsand (2001) - I think an unofficial member of the team; she played on a higher-level team (DiscGrace began in beginner league) but played some games with us. Moved with Nick to Guam.

Tony Walker (2001)

Howard Berger (2001)

Ryan Huddleston (2001) - aka "Hud"

Kari Esselman (2002) - Brian's sister; played with us for a year.

Andres Young (2002) - Kari's boyfriend; played with us for a year.

Ryan ? (2004) - We picked him up when we were hurting from injuries; I think he was just walking his dog next to the field or something. Was seen campaigning for Bush. I don't think politics have much to do with frisbee, but frankly anyone actually campaigning for GW Bush is, well, going too far.

Jen Williamson (2005)

Jason Williamson (2005)

Lesanna Lahner (2006)

Aaron Jastram (2006)

Stephanie Spencer (2007)

Kirk Spencer (2007)

Crissy Bell (2007) - Matt Smith's girlfriend. She and Matt captain their own team, Huck Foo, in 2008.

Matt Smith (2007) - Poker player and a recruit for 2007.

Ben Sample (2007) - Also a poker player, played with us in 2007. His 3-legged dog is named Champ. He works with John and was transferred to Tempe, AZ in 2008.

Casem AbuLughod (2007)

Martha Goodge (2008)

Anna Rue (2008)

Alex Leong (2008)

JP Arsenault (2008)

David Racz (2008)

Tirea Pods (2009) - Amanda's recruit.

Amy Clements (2009) - Heidi's recruit; an injury took her out for 2010.

Chuck Spivy (2009) - Paddy's buddy. We named him "Chuck" and McNulty "Charlie" to keep them straight.


August 5th, 2010

We narrowly lost our first playoff game in the consolation bracket (due to our shitty 2-12 regular season record) the game before, so this put us in the loser's bracket of the consolation bracket. But we did have something to play for... only if we won would we keep playing.

No Women

It became clear before the game that literally all of our women were unavailable to play that night. It was looking like we would be light on men as well. We would not by MUFA rules be able to play more than 4 men, so it was pretty clear we would lose. John posted to the list that afternoon, more than half-jokingly, "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!"

Our opponent was the Dandy Lions. Earlier in the season, it was against them that we chalked up our first win. However, then we had Paddy, plus a full roster.

When game time arrived, five of us made it: John, Mark, Charlie, Brian, and Matt. The Dandy Lions graciously let us play with all five, against their line of seven.

The First Half

The field was Sandstone 2. The temperature was cool. However, there was a fairly strong wind pushing parallel with the field; the points would be up or down wind.

We flipped and lost; they picked the upwind side. We chose to receive and push into the wind. We decided to try and burn our energy while we had it, and go for a quick lead... which we did, scoring the first point.

After that, we kept up the pressure all game, taking it to half 7-3 (maybe 7-4?).

I (John) started to make a comment at half about how we might actually win the damn game, and Mark quickly shushhed me; don't jinx it!

Second Half

After half, we kept up the pressure, continuing to make our downwind points, and continuing to make them work for theirs. We were up 10-5 when the Lions woke from their slumber and put the pressure on. Their defense got a lot more fierce. They started to get more D's as our legs tired (and they had plenty of subs), coming from behind the cutters to swat the discs down.

At one point, they closed the gap to 11-9. The field was getting dark. We called a hard cap at 13, with the score 10-12.

On a downwind point for us, Mark tossed a hammer into traffic, with me(John) in the middle of it in the endzone. Desperate to get the disk, I lunged for it, but a defender got his hands on it as I did, and ripped it away. They went on to score an upwind point. 11-12.

We now had to score an upwind point to win. We moved it up, and John threw a hammer up, and Mark brought it down in traffic. It wasn't until a few seconds passed that we behind could see that he came up with it.



DiscGrace Newsletter 2010-05-28

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