UltiScore, a MUFA-centric Ultimate Frisbee scoreboard app.

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Ultimate Frisbee scoreboard. High contrast text for good visibility in daylight. Quick access to viewing and emailing the game history. Location detection and automatic sunset calculation. Universal app.

Designed specifically for MUFA, the Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association, but can be used for any game/league.

– Alerts (on screen and audible) for soft cap / hard cap / game over.
– Automatically detects current location and adds to game log.
– Click on team to customize name.
– Select default MUFA cap/game times, choose soft cap based on local sunset time, or custom game/cap time.
– Hit play to start cap alerting.
– Once a point is scored, team score highlights in green and then fades to white over two minutes, for instant visual feedback of last score.
– Click on log button to bring up the complete game history, and optionally email it.


Made using the UIImage-PDF library by Nigel Timothy Barber.