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I have a new app in the iOS App Store named Jot. It’s dead-simple. When you start it, it immediately brings up a new mail with the To: and Subject: fields pre-populated, so you can immediately email yourself (or whomever you choose). This was something I developed for myself since this is a task I

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I have a new app in the Apple iOS App Store called UltiScore. It’s an ultimate frisbee scoreboard app for both iPhone and iPad, and has a couple of neat features. I designed it for myself, a captain of a team in the Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association, MUFA. You can quickly set team names, and

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Goodbye GoDaddy – how I hated you!

I have just completed the migration of my site (and associated databases) away from GoDaddy (to Hostmonster). GoDaddy is cheap, but damn, they suck. mySQL performance blows, their tech support monkeys rarely have a fraction of a clue, and they refuse to admit there is a problem despite overwhelming evidence. Bye, bye, GoDaddy. I won’t

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