Pub Day for Sea Creatures

SeaCreatures_3DBookshot-230x300Today is the big day for my wife’s second novel, Sea Creatures!

After the release of her first novel, it went on to win a really prestigious award and received universal praise.

Her new novel is already getting good press, and I’m not supposed to say this, but I think it is an even better book than her first.

Susanna is an amazing woman, writer, mother, and wife. I couldn’t be more proud.

Stiltsville Soon

In less than three months, Stiltsville will be on bookstore shelves (August 3rd).

Susanna is already a writer, an author. But this gives us an actual artifact to prove it.

She’s been doing more frequent blog postings as the publication date approaches; the world of publishing is a lot more interesting that I’d thought it would be, and every day is a little more exciting.

Soon after publication, Augie and I will be joining her on her whirlwind book tour (consisting of only seven dates as of now, but we hope that will expand). We’re still trying to find a bookstore she can read at in Key West to give us an excuse to head down there.

Please check out her book blog.


When I met Susanna many years ago, she was a writer. Her novel was nearly finished, and I imagined it would be out any day. Of course, I also hoped it would be an Oprah book club selection and she’d make millions and I’d never have to work again.

We fell in love, we got married, and lots of life has happened since then. When our little boy was on the way, she woke me up in the middle of the night and exclaimed that she was terrified that she’d never finish her book.

I responded, as only a Zen master (or sleep-deprived husband) could:

“Finish it, then.”

I committed any help I could provide to help her make sure it happened, and lo and behold, a few months later, she finished it.

Now the book is done (absent last minute editing and corrections), she has an agent, and her book is sold. We await its publication date this summer.

This past Christmas Eve, as we were packing up our station wagon to the hilt with presents, dog, luggage, and other accoutrements, the UPS truck pulled up with an unexpected delivery… her galleys. This is the first time her book is in actual printed form; an actual, for real, book, before our eyes!

It’s really for real, and the cover looks beautiful – the publisher found a wonderful shot of a stilthouse to use.

Here is her website with more information about the book, and a mailing list where you can get signed up to hear more, when we know more.