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Pool Table For Sale

Alas, it appears I have to part with the pool table I’ve owned for the last decade or so. I hate to, because if I ever have the room again for one in my home, I’ll never buy one this nice. This is an Olhausen Drake II three piece slate table with upgraded solid oak

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Forty Years

I am replacing our (now dead) air conditioner this Friday. Out of├é┬ácuriosity, I contacted the company (Carrier) to find out when it was made… 1970! Pretty amazing. Even though I’m putting in another Carrier, I don’t think this one is likely to make it until the year 2050.

Guest Bathroom Remodel

On the left is what the guest bathroom looked like when we moved in. This spring, we finally got around to updating it. We were going to try and rip out just the rightmost cabinet and squeeze in a shower kit. However, nothing really fit well, and it became obvious that we would also have

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Crazy Old Stuff

The previous owners of our house lived there for four decades. In that time, they collected a fair share of household products which you certainly won’t find on store shelves today. During our little tour of these household products from a bygone era, don’t forget the local civil defense warning signals. If it’s a simple

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New House

We just had our counter-counter-offer accepted on a new house.  This is how I feel:  Anyone want to buy an adorable cottage in the bestest neighborhood ever? Two car garage, 200 amp service, all hardwood floors… plus a poker room in the attic. It’s only a few blocks to Whole Foods and Starbucks… plus it’s a

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