Pub Day for Sea Creatures

SeaCreatures_3DBookshot-230x300Today is the big day for my wife’s second novel, Sea Creatures!

After the release of her first novel, it went on to win a really prestigious award and received universal praise.

Her new novel is already getting good press, and I’m not supposed to say this, but I think it is an even better book than her first.

Susanna is an amazing woman, writer, mother, and wife. I couldn’t be more proud.


UltiScore Icon TrimmedI have a new app in the Apple iOS App Store called UltiScore.

It’s an ultimate frisbee scoreboard app for both iPhone and iPad, and has a couple of neat features.

I designed it for myself, a captain of a team in the Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association, MUFA. You can quickly set team names, and game and cap time. It shows a countdown timer to the cap time, and plays an annoying sound when it occurs (and repeats until you tap OK).

UltiScore iPhone 3.5 inch - 3

As for choosing cap time, you can select one of the MUFA-standard cap times, or select your own custom time. Furthermore, the app will auto-detect your current location when you start a game, and based on that, calculates the local sunset time. It presents sunset time as another option for the cap:



When a point is scored, that team’s score is highlighted in green. Over two minutes, it slowly fades back to white, so you know at a glance which team has scored in the last two minutes (often helpful if you don’t know if the score was recorded).



Just below the score is a scrollview where you can scroll through the complete game log to see the history. To see it full-screen, you just hit the log button to see the complete game history. Once the game is over, just hit the share button in this window to email yourself a copy of the log.



UltiScore is now in the App Store and is a free download. I hope other Madison ultimate players find it useful.

UltiScore Icon TrimmedApp_Store_Badge_EN_0609_80

Siri the Spoiler

After putting the kiddo to bed, I sat down in front of the TV to watch the Packers play the Lions on Sunday night. I had DVRed the game, and was 20-30 minutes behind live TV. As I watched the Lions march down the field, I wondered about the remaining schedule for Green Bay. So I whipped out my phone and asked Siri to “show me the remaining Packers schedule”.


Great; she understood me completely.

Argh! Why why WHY Siri are you telling me the score when that is clearly NOT what I asked!?

Fortunately, of course, the Packers managed to overcome the Lions, but still, I wish I’d seen the first quarter domination by Detroit unfold in real time, rather than have Siri spoil it for me through a half-baked answer.

Call me Ishmael

I learned to snowboard about 10 years ago. Brett was the best man at my wedding, and also my snowboarding mentor.

This picture was from 2002, not long after he got me onto a snowboard.

A couple of years into it, I moved to hardbooting and started racing.

I’ve gradually gotten better at it, and now am one of the fastest snowboard racers at the local hill. However, Brett has always beat me.

Now, I don’t mean “usually” or “almost always”. I mean ALWAYS. A year or two ago I finally looked it up and put together a spreadsheet to track the races.

Between 2005 and yesterday, January 24th, 2011, Brett and I had raced head to head in a NASTAR course 48 times. I’ve had good days and bad days, but my good days were never enough to beat him.

FORTY-EIGHT races. That’s some pretty amazing consistency, especially since my only real goal for the past few years has been to beat him. He is truly my white whale.

Finally, last night, his run came to an end. In our Monday night race (in Tyrol Basin‘s Double Diamond Race League), I laid down an excellent first run, and he didn’t. I was ahead.

Now, I’d been in this position dozens of times before, but every other time when I’ve been in the lead out of one run (out of the two we get), he’s always shit out a great run to take me down.

But last night, for the first time, he did not.

The record is now 1-48.

Six years of head to head racing

Julius Peppers is an asshole

So the Pack won yesterday (hell yes!). Hopefully Aaron Rodgers is all right, but he took a hit from Julius Peppers that was totally uncalled for, and seemed to put him off his game.

Untouched and in Rodgers’ blind spot, he hit him hard, helmet to helmet. Knocked his helmet half off and he was spitting blood. It could have ended his season. Hell, could have ended his career. Dirty, ugly shit.

Fine, maybe he didn’t mean to hit with his helmet, but what burns my toast is that he, and the Bears coach on the sideline, were complaining about the completely appropriate 15-yard penalty! Completely classless. He should have been ejected.

Here’s him complaining:

Here’s video of the hit; though I’m sure Youtube will pull this for copyright violation before long:


Interestingly, here’s another dirty hit from Peppers on Rodgers, out of bounds, from when he played for the Panthers; this must have been when they met in 2008. Just shows what a classless asshole Julius Peppers really is. This wasn’t just one dirty play, but it’s apparently just the way he plays:


I hope the NFL doles out a serious fine for this. Not that it will do any good, since if he was arguing against the penalty, he obviously doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong.

Edit: He was fined $10k. I don’t think that’s the minimum, but it’s also tiny compared to his salary.