MSOP Results: November 6, 2004

November 7, 2004 ยท 5 minute read

After a long hiatus, the promise of a new game brought both a record attendance and a record prize pool at the McKinley Casino on the night of November 6th.

Fourteen veterans of the tour came together with one newcomer, Charles "Chuck Bronson" Brausen, to battle over the $300 in the kitty.

For the first time in MSOP history, a satellite event was offered with only a $10 buyin, with the top players winning a seat into the main event.

The satellite began at 5pm, with the field of eight comprised of Heather, both Chads, Dan, Suz, John, Ann, and Chuck.

Heather, ChadM, Dan, and Ann survived the first round, and with their $10 investment won a shot at the full $300 prize fund.

All of the four defeated in the satellite event elected to pony up another $20 to enter the main event. With that, we had a record total of fifteen players. The game started at 7pm with eight players in the front room and seven in the back.

The prize pool:

1st: $150
2nd: $75
3rd: $45
4th: $30

Let’s shuffle up and deal!

Play by Play

At 8:07, Kit and I started getting into a tussle.

I had versus Kit’s .

When the flop came , Kit bet 500 into me. With top pair, I called.

A turn came then a river of , and after hitting trips I couldn’t get away from the hand and lost half my stack to Kitten. Me-ow.

Just a few minutes later, I had .

The flop came . Kit bet 300 into me. With top pair and ace kicker, I thought my hand was good and he was bullying me around. I went all-in and was, to my dismay, quickly called.

He flipped over cowboys, , and my face grew pale.

The turn and river were no help, and I was out first and ready to kick the puppy.

I quickly had company; Herb was knocked out almost at the same time by Todd on the main table.

At 8:26 with a decent pot going, Ann and ChadH were heads-up.

With a board of , Ann bet out 500.

Chad hesitated, but then called; it put him all-in.

Ann showed .

Chad showed trips with , bringing him back from the brink of bankruptcy.

At 8:30 with a board of and 1350 in the pot, Suz went all-in for her remaining 1080. Aaron called her and Tim quickly folded.

I didn’t record both hands, but Suz only had an ace high, with Aaron apparently having something better. Suz was out and the field was down to twelve.

At 8:41, Chris was shown the door by Chuck

At 8:55, Tim got clocked by Aaron.

At 9:24, ChadH and Todd got into it, with big bets of 400, 300, 200, then 500 each round. The board was .

Chad bought into Todd’s poker face. He laid down only .

Todd had hit the mother lode with . Not only the four jacks, but an ace kicker, to boot!

Big Chad was done.

At 9:35, his lovely wife Heather followed, again to Todd.

At 9:39, ChadM and Ann built up a huge pot, with Chad finally going all-in on the river, and Ann calling.

The board was .

Chad showed . Ann laid down .

Neither Chad was left hanging.

At 10:25, Sara was bumped off by Aaron.

At 10:33, with a board of , Ann went all in on the river.

Todd called.

Ann showed , making trips on the turn.

But the Terminator was getting back into top form after his previous loss, showing and taking the pot.

The field was now down to five. Only one more player would go away with nothing to show for his evening. Chuck, the newcomer, was holding his own against Todd, Aaron, Kit, and Dan.

It didn’t take long. At 10:47, the board showed .

Chuck went all-in and Todd called.

Chuck showed , with top pair and a gutshot straight draw.

Todd had him covered, however, with … top pair and a better kicker.

The turn came , no help to Chuck. Only a five for the straight, or a six for two pair, could save him.

The river came and Chuck had another breath of life, doubling up on the Terminator!

His new riches didn’t last long. Todd busted him out ten minutes later and the field was thinned to four.

At 11:06, Kit busted out to Todd, but took home $30.

At 11:16, Aaron busted out to Todd, with $45 lessening his pain.

At 11:27, Dan busted out, winning $75, giving Todd the $150 first place prize and also making him the first three time winner in MSOP history!

Congratuations to Todd, Dan, Aaron, and Kit, and thank you to all who played.


Win: Heather
Win: ChadM
Win: Dan
Win: Ann
5th: Suz (6:28)
6th: John (6:16)
7th: ChadH (5:58)
8th: Chuck (5:55)

Main Event
1st ($150): Todd
2nd ($75): Dan (11:27)
3rd ($45): Aaron (11:16)
4th ($30): Kit (11:06)
5th: Chuck (10:57)
6th: Ann (10:33)
7th: Sara (10:25)
8th: ChadM (9:39)
9th: Heather (9:35)
10th: ChadH (9:24)
11th: TimB (8:55)
12th: Chris (8:41)
13th: Suz (8:34)
14th: Herb (8:13)
15th: John (8:12)